Is there Room in the Diversity Narrative for Disability?

At lunch recently with a bunch of people I didn’t know, I was reminded again how separated we, as People with Disabilities are. I was once again fascinated by the level of basic ignorance, displayed by normal average folks, about the basic capabilities of blind people, and the various bits of kit available to them, talking watches, Voice-over on the iPhone, (and you should have seen their faces when I told them that the phone READ MORE

There is No Such Thing as an Accessible Train…(on its own)

Reading a helpful tweet from Metrorail about how they can be of service and, bearing in mind that it is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, made me think of the recent rail excursion involving the Western Cape Disability Network, which included this writer. At the time, several people with visual and physical disabilities, caught the new “People’s Train” or “Blue Train”, which had long been vaunted by Metrorail as being accessible. The point of the exercise was READ MORE

Podcast: The Challenges of Disability Advocacy

In Season 1, Episode 1, hosts Jeremy Opperman and Jeremy Warriner of the Rotary Disability Advisers Group have a lively discussion on the challenges of disability advocacy and the need to encourage not only changes in approaches to disability rights but also to thinking. Both are members of Rotary International and they share a vision of that organisation being more inclusive for people with disabilities,   Each host comes from a different perspective on the READ MORE

Disability Disclosure with Lucille Greef (Aephoria) and Jeremy Opperman

In this YouTube clip, Jeremy describes how his long career in Disability Equity in South Africa has given him great insight into the complexity and challenges of disclosing one’s disability in the workplace. He explains the various occasions where disclosure might be required, including before applying for a position and during one’s career. Jeremy provides anecdotes and examples of how this might be successfully practiced and how employers might stimulate greater disclosure from their staff READ MORE

A Short Story: I am Disabled so I have the Right to use it

“How cool is that?”, said Jim, as he was told about the new computers in the public library in his suburb. In particular, Jim was delighted that one of the six available PCs was equipped to cater for blind and visually impaired users by providing both screen-reading and magnification software. This meant something to Jim as he himself was visually impaired and used special magnification software on PC’s when he had a chance to do READ MORE

Performing Under Pressure

Like countless others, I watched, read and listened in impotent and morbid fascination  of the horrors unfolding in Ukraine. But one rather different interview  caught my ear this morning, while listening to the BBC. It was the manager of the Ukrainian winter Paralympic team, still competing in Beijing. Speaking in excellent English, with exhausted clarity, with indelible sadness etched into every syllable, he tried to articulate how the  team were feeling about their country literally READ MORE

I’m a Rotarian Podcast: Gwen Jones interviews Jeremy Opperman

Everyone knows the Rotary wheel, you’ve seen it on benches, or a school playground. But do you know any Rotarians? NO? Well, this is the podcast to fix that. Join producer and Rotarian Gwen Jones as she interviews some of the many men, women, famous or under the radar Rotarians that live all around the world. In this episode, Gwen talks to Jeremy about how he became a Rotarian, and where he sees Rotary’s Diversity, READ MORE

Disability and Recruitment (Clip 3/3)

In the last of this three-video series, Jeremy unpacks the thorny issue of ‘reasonable accommodation’ in the context of the employment of People with Disabilities (PWDs). Using examples and anecdotes, he guides viewers through best practice and things not to do. He also introduces the practice of competency-based recruitment and wraps up by outlining five common problems associated with Disability Equity.